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Leave a Nest Capital Invests in uFraction8, a UK BioTech Venture Company from the UK


Leave a Nest Capital invests in uFraction8, UK BioTech engineering startup aiming to solve big  issues in Bioeconomy – Supporting expansion to Japan and ASEAN

Leave a Nest Group has invested through Leave a Nest Capital Co., Ltd. in uFraction8 (Head office: Falkirk, Scotland; Co-Founders Dr. Brian Miller and Dr. Monika Tomecka; hereinafter “uFraction8”), a BioTech venture company from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland.

News release by uFraction8: Here

uFraction8 was founded in April 2017 as a spin-off startup from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, with the vision to “enable the global transition to sustainable bio-based manufacture to help feed, mobilize and maintain the health of people and ecosystems for the security of our future”. uFraction8 offers a microfluidic technology that allows easy separation of cell-based products from a liquid: microfluidic chip stacking and a unique design regulate the equal flow and pressure of cell-based liquids to each chip, allowing the separation of cells at a much lower energy cost compared to conventional cell separation methods such as centrifugation and microfiltration systems. Its technology can be applied to a wide range of cell-based products such as microalgae, and mammalian cells. Implementation of its technology will lead to a revolution in bioeconomy and may become a breakthrough solution to many challenges that exist in the world. uFraction8 plans to expand its technology and business not only in Europe but across the world including Japan and ASEAN region. 

uFraction8 was the first Grand Winner of TECH PLANTER in UK, held in the country since 2017. Tech Planter is a program launched by Leave a Nest with the aim to discover, nurture and create an ecosystem for Deep Tech startups, and support venture companies like uFraction8 to meet potential partners to grow their business. After their grand victory, uFraction’s team was invited to Tokyo to attend the 8th Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference to discuss with potential partners in Japan. During their trip, they initiated discussions with Japanese “Super Factories” to solve their prototyping needs. Now their prototype is available to see in Center of Garage in Tokyo.

This investment will further accelerate uFraction8’s entry into the Asian market, especially Japan and ASEAN. Leave a Nest will support uFraction8’s sales activities and manufacturing of the working prototype. Dr. Brian Miller commented on the investment thus: “uFraction8 and Leave a Nest share the vision to use science to make the world a better place for all. This investment is crucial to developing uFraction8’s technology for making biomanufacturing sustainable both economically and environmentally. We can’t wait to be working together in Japan again”.

Jack Wratten, Director of Leave a Nest United Kingdom, said: “This represents a superb example of how Leave a Nest can help connect UK deep-tech startups to the wider Asian economies, their advanced manufacturing facilities, and investors”.

Dr. Brian Miller and the prototype manufactured in Japan and showcased in Center of Garage.

Going forward, Leave a Nest Group will continue to support the expansion of UK venture companies to the Japanese and ASEAN markets to create deep tech to solve deep issues related to bio-based manufacture and contribute to global happiness.

About uFraction8

  • Company Name: uFraction8 Limited
  • Website:
  • Head Office: UFRACTION8 Limited, Suite 3/13, Falkirk Business Hub, 45 Vicar Street, FK1 1LL, Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Founders: Dr. Brian Miller & Dr. Monika Tomecka
  • Incorporation: 6 April 2017