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Leave a Nest Capital Invests in New Motion Labs, the Grand Winner of TECH PLANTER in UK 2018


Leave a Nest Group has invested through Leave a Nest Capital Co., Ltd. in New Motion Labs Ltd. (Head Office: Exeter, United Kingdom; CEO: Mr. Steven John Senior; Founder: Mr. Marcel Fowler; hereinafter “New Motion Labs”), the Grand Winner of  TECH PLANTER in UK 2018.

New Motion Labs has developed a revolutionary tooth profile for a sprocket that will transform the world of mechanical power transmission. This technology creates the world’s most durable drivetrain with increases in life of up to 3.5 times. Starting in the micro-mobility sector and then moving onto the industrial one this technology will save money, reduce carbon emissions and create a durability that will transform these sectors. The vision is to become “a world-leading motion technology company, developing and enabling impactful new technologies within the mechanical sector” by 2025. New Motion Labs is selling this technology throughout Europe through product sales and Licensing agreements. The largest OEMs and fleet operators in the micro-mobility sector through to the largest brands in the automotive, motor drive, chain, and sprocket companies are partnering with them to access this incredible technology.

Its relationship with the Leave a Nest Group dates back to 2018 when New Motion Labs was awarded the Grand Winner Award at TECH PLANTER 2018 UK. Leave a Nest Group has been conducting the TECH PLANTER program in the UK since 2017, to discover, nurture and create an ecosystem for Deep Tech startups. Through this program Leave a Nest has been supporting startups like New Motion Labs to meet potential business partners to support their growth.

Video Interview to New Motion Labs’ founder, Mr. Marcel Fowler, as one of Tech Planter Alumni.

Leave a Nest Group has decided to invest in New Motion Labs due to their shared dedication to enhancing the efficiency of chain drives, expanding the boundaries of mobility, and creating a more sustainable society.

With this funding, the company aims to expand its business, targeting Japanese companies for collaboration in developing innovative solutions to deep issues by fostering connections between Europe and Asia.

Going forward, Leave a Nest Group will continue its efforts to create deep tech solutions addressing sustainability issues related to motion technologies, and contribute to global happiness by bridging Japan and ASEAN countries to startups around the world.

About New Motion Labs

  • Company Name: New Motion Labs Ltd.
  • Website:
  • Head Office: Quay House The Gallery, Kings Wharf, Exeter, Devon,  EX2 4AN United Kingdom
  • CEO: Mr. Steven Senior; Founder: Mr. Marcel Fowler
  • Incorporation: 21 December 2015